his is another brand new single from Shock Treatment 21 with Allan Cla  


This live CD, culled from two concerts recorded at the same venue, less than four months apart, is a good representation of The Outcasts live set at that time. For the avid collector there is a 24 page booklet which includes many rare photographs and contributions from band members.

The CD also contains the previously unreleased track “Ghetto Blaster”, plus an exclusive version of the opening track ‘Nowhere Left to Run’, which contains an extended middle section with no singing, due to a microphone malfunction!

Hopefully it also goes some way in helping to convey what a truly great live band The Outcasts were. If you don’t believe me, just go along to one of their planned shows in 2011. I’ve no doubt whatsoever that the old flames of aggression will still be beating and screaming.


Cat. No. GOB 1
Released 18 March 2011
Format: CD

01. Nowhere Left To Run (Cowan/Graham) 5.07
02. Magnum Force (Cowan) 3.39
03. Seven Deadly Sins (Cowan/Ross) 3.54
04. 1969 (Alexander/Osterberg/Asheton/Asheton) 3.54
05. The Cops Are Coming (Cowan) 4.17
06. Swamp Fever (Ross) 4.29
07. Programme Love (Cowan) 3.29
08. Clinical Love (Cowan) 3.42
09. Ghetto Blaster (Cowan) 3.41
10. Mania (Cowan) 3.17
11. Machine Gun (Cowan) 2.15
12. Ruby (Tillis) 2.45
13. Gangland Warfare (Cowan) 3.16
14. Winter (Cowan) 3.09

Total running time 50.56

£5.99 plus P&P




Shellshock Rockers is a 24 track compilation which contains previously unreleased studio recordings from 1978 to 1981. Six bands contribute four songs each with a detailed 12 page booklet where ex band members explain what inspired each song featured.

This CD is strictly limited to just 500 copies.


Cat. No. GOB 2
Released 8 February 2012
Format: CD

01. The Androids ‘Lipstick Heroes’ (2.24)
02. Ex-Producers ‘Newer Wave ‘79’ (2.21)
03. Shock Treatment ‘On The Line’ (1.59)
04. White Noise ‘BBC/UTV’ (1.21)
05. The Co-ordinates ‘We’re Only Monsters’ (2.18)
06. Acme ‘Jealousy’ (2.52)
07. The Androids ‘Nine To Five’ (1.53)
08. Ex-Producers ‘P-Check’ (2.28)
09. Shock Treatment‘ ( (2.39)
10. White Noise ‘Conscious’ (1.30)
11. The Co-ordinates ‘Mercenary’ (3.12)
12. Acme ‘Beer Hall In Munich’ (2.49)
13. The Androids ‘Terminal Breakout’ (2.38)
14. Ex-Producers ‘Never Before Never Again’ (3.16)
15. Shock Treatment ‘This Must Be Love’ (3.06)
16. White Noise ‘College Boy’ (2.23)
17. The Co-Ordinates ‘Prelude’ (4.27)
18. Acme ‘Johnny Can’t Play’ (2.35)
19. The Androids ‘Suggestions?’ (1.01)
20. Ex Producers ‘The System Is Here’ (2.40)
21. Shock Treatment ‘Future Plans’ ) (3.01)
22. White Noise ‘Spidermen’ (1.57)
23. The Co-Ordinates ‘Disco’ (2.53)
24. Acme ‘Bad News’ (2.32)

Total running time 70.56



This Our latest release is Shellshock Rockers Vol II, which contains 20 previously unreleased demos recorded between 1978 and 1985 from a number of different bands including The Icons, The Lids, The Xposers and many more!

Comes with 12 page booklet where ex band members explain what inspired each of the songs featured.

This CD is strictly limited to just 500 copies.




Cat. No. GOB 3
Released 12 June 2012
Format: CD

01. Ask Mother - Twinkle
02. Ex Producers - Last Year
03. The Lids - Helicopter
04. Xposers - Shellshock
05. The Icons - Follow The Crowd
06. Shock Treatment - Mystery Man
07. Clive Culbertson - Where Did It All Go Wrong
08. Doomed Youth - Disaster )
09. Ask Mother - When You Gonna Smell My Sweet Skin?
10. Ex Producers - Another Night
11. The Lids - This And That
12. Xposers - Nazi Time
13. The Icons - Odds Against Tomorrow)
14. Shock Treatment - Troubled Minds
15. Doomed Youth - Mother
16. Ask Mother - Let Dreams Lie
17. The Lids - Day By Day
18. Shock Treatment - Big Check Shirts
19. Ex Producers - Never Know For Sure (
20. Doomed Youth - Room At The Top

Total running time 45.54

£6.99 plus P&P

Victim 7" Single

Brand new release featuring 3 previously unreleased tracks from back in the day:

01. Empty Men
02. The Bus
03. Another Weird Dream

This 7" vinyl is STRICTLY LIMITED to just 300 hand numbered copies, so don't hang about!


Cat. No. GOB 4
Released 12 September 2014
Format: 7" Vinyl

The first of the new 'Vinyl Series' is a three track EP by Belfast band VICTIM. The title track, “Empty Men” was recorded at Bootleg Studios, in Manchester in December 1980. This was Victim’s attempt at recreating the “Good Vibrations” sound! The song is about those people we all meet in life who bull-shit about everything, yet offer nothing.

“The Bus” kicks off the flip side and was recorded at the same time as the A side. The line up on both recordings being Joe Moody guitar & vocals, Wes Graham bass & vocals Gary Platt drums and Phil Platt guitar. The song was inspired by Wes catching the wrong bus one day in Belfast and instead found himself on a bus full of people with various disabilities and mental health conditions. It was an eye opening experience for Wes which he tried to articulate in song.

The final track on the EP is “Another Weird Dream”. This is the only song VICTIM ever wrote about “The Troubles” in N. Ireland. They never felt the need to elaborate further on their teenage experiences during this period. This track was recorded in April 1982, again at Bootleg Studios in Manchester. The line up on this track is Joe Moody guitar & vocals, Wes Graham bass & vocals and Mike Joyce at the drum stool.



Shock Treatment were formed in 1978 and were signed to Terri Hooley's Good Vibrations label following a gig at the Harp Bar in Belfast. The band split in 1982 but re-emerged as Shock Treatment 21 in 2012.

This CD is strictly limited to just 300 copies.



Cat. No. GOB 5
Released 15 June 2014
Format: CD

01. Big Check Shirts (D. Treatment/B. McIlheney) 2.36
02. Future Plans (D. Treatment/B. McIlheney) 3.35
03. Great Expectations (D. Treatment/B. McIlheney) 3.47
04. Dancing On Your Grave (D. Treatment/M. Kearney) 3.42
05. Out On The Street (D. Treatment/M. Kearney) 3.29
06. Beautifool Fool (D. Treatment/J. Rossi) 4.07
07. Ur Name and My Name (D. Treatment/J. Rossi) 3.40
08. One Way Street (D. Treatment/B. McIlheney) 3.28
09. I'm No Sqquare (D. Treatment/B. McIlheney) 2.28
10. Troubled Minds (D. Treatment/B. McIlheney) 3.34
11. Belfast Telegraph 21 (D. Treatment/B. McIlheney) 3.43
12. I Like It Like That (D. Treatment/B. McIlheney) 1.48

Total running time 19.36

£6.99 plus P&P

Gob 6

Brand new release featuring 4 Ex Producers tracks recorded in 1979, 2 previously unreleased!

A Side
Newer Wave ‘79 (2.21)
P-Check (2.28)

B Side
Loyalty (2.32)
Hole In The Head (1.32)

This 7" vinyl is STRICTLY LIMITED to just 300 hand numbered copies, so don't hang about!


Cat. No. GOB 6
Released 3 July 2015
Format: 7" Vinyl

The second release of our 'Vinyl Series' brings you the legendary Ex Producers track 'Newer Wave ’79', which finally gets released as the single that it should always have been!

Originally released for the first time by Spit Records back in February 2012 in CD format, together with 'P-Check' from the same session, on the long since sold out 'Shellshock Rockers' CD.

Now on this limited edition 7" EP (300 copies) Spit Records have also included the previously unreleased tracks 'Loyalty' and 'Hole In The Head' from the same 1979 sessions recorded at Downtown Studios and engineered by Stephen “Rastus” Nelson (R.I.P.) .

£5.99 plus P&P

Gob 7

The Cloak Of Darkness EP by Rudi, contains four previously unreleased tracks recorded in 1980.

A Side

B Side
When I was Dead

This 7" vinyl is STRICTLY LIMITED to 300 copies.


Cat. No. GOB 7
Released 9 December 2015
Format: 7" Vinyl

'The Cloak Of Darkness EP' by Belfast Legends 'Rudi', containing previously unreleased tracks.

Again just 300 numbered copies, so this one won't be around for long!



Gob 8

Re-issue of the legendary EP 'Contrast Disorder' by The Doubt, originally recorded in 1980.

A Side
Contrast Disorder
Time Out

B Side
Look Away

This 7" vinyl is STRICTLY LIMITED to 500 copies.


Cat. No. GOB 8
Released 23 November 2015
Format: 7" Vinyl

A split release with German label Incognito Records. It is a reissue of the highly collectable Contrast Disorder EP by the Doubt which was originally released in 1980 on the band's own Solo Record label in a limited run of 500.

The re-issue features a picture sleeve, which the original never had and it also has a lyric insert.


£5.99 plus P&P

Confrontation Time - Next Stop Fame, released on St Patrick's Day.

Alchemy is a funny old game if you forget straight away that it was a predictably crap live album by Geordie guitar popsters Dire Straits, it is entirely possible to equate it with the inception of the four piece muso collective who would become Confrontation Time.


Cat. No. GOB 9
Released 17 March 2016
Format: CD

01. Good Enough For You (O'Neill)
02. Next Stop Fame (Doherty/O'Neill)
03. She's Security Conscious (O'Neill)
04. Spacewasters (O'Neill)
05. Long Way Down (Doherty)
06. Sunday Service (McKinley/O'Neill)
07. Love And A Bulletproof Vest (O'Neill)
08. Saints Preserve Us (Doherty)
09. Where Have All The Rioters Gone (O'Neill)
10. Shooting Star (O'Neill)
11. What We Were Doing (Doherty)
12. Day Late And A Dollar Short (O'Neill) Shirt


£6.99 plus P&P

Alchemy??? I hear you cry…alchemy?... How, exactly??? Well, take two blokes, Michael and Aidan – laden with influences and home-made songs, add a drummer, Gary, whose punk credentials go all the saliva-drenched way to the original Belfast scene…an Idiot in the proper sense of the word, and a bass player, Brendan, who shamelessly admits a proud penchant for the kind of 80s pop that would have sent him half way round the globe, in search of exotic video shoot locations…..

So, back to the alchemy…..Michael and Aidan exchanged home recordings, the former adding an entire strata of guitar depth to Aidan’s punky new wave home brew, while Aidan sampled Michael’s direct, catchy and often raw, yet soulful offerings. Doghouse studio provided the venue for the initial, and subsequent, practice sessions – the songs were thrashed out, shaped up and rolled out. Brendan’s offering, Sunday Service began its course as an acoustic ballad, which Michael kicked into punky shape and presented it to the band …..the rest is track 6 history.

Recurring themes across the twelve-song collection include the state of the world (Saints preserve us), the cult of non-celebrity (Long way down, Next stop fame), ladies with OCD (She’s security-conscious) and a melodic paen to the late, always great Stuart Adamson (Shooting star). Despite the name, Confrontation Time will not stand in front of you, shouting the odds about stuff and nonsense. They will, however, coax you into their alchemic world, making you think, smile, nod affirmingly and, most of all, listen. Over and over again…


Gob 8

A Side
Automatic 7
No Life

B Side
Freedom Fighters
Hired Assassins

This 7" vinyl is STRICTLY LIMITED to 300 copies.


Cat. No. GOB 10
Released 2 January 2017
Format: 7" Vinyl

Here's a welcome addition to the Spit Records catalogue, four belters from Worcester punk legends 'The Tights' recorded in 1978.

Don't hang about 'cos there's only 300 copies!


£5.99 plus P&P


GOB 11

A Side

B Side

This 7" vinyl is STRICTLY LIMITED to 500 copies:
300 on Black Vinyl with Pink Sleeve, but also a special edition of 200 on Green Vinyl with Green Sleeve. Roll over above image to see alternative sleeve!


Cat. No. GOB 11
Released 13 April 2017
Format: 7" Vinyl

Here's the latest addition to the Spit Records catalogue, no introduction required for Ed Banger - a true punk legend! Forty years on, we see the release of a second Nosebleeds single' - you just couldn't write it!

Don't hang about 'cos this one will go very quickly!

BUY GREEN VINYL (Green Sleeve)
BUY BOTH (Shipping Discounted)

Gob 8

A Side
I Can't Sing (about what you are)

B Side


Cat. No. GOB 12
Released 2 August 2017
Format: 7" White Vinyl

Here's another welcome addition to the Spit Records catalogue from The Tights, Two more belters from the Worcester punk legends. Side A was featured on their 2010 self-released CDr 'TV, Work and Bed'; the B side was recorded in 2008 and has not been previously released!

Don't hang about 'cos there's only 300 copies!



This 7" white vinyl is STRICTLY LIMITED to 300 copies.



Gob 13

Brand new release from Shock Treatment 21 featuring Allan Clarke of Ruefrex on vocals.

A Side

B Side
JK Blues


Cat. No. GOB 13
Released 15 June 2017
Format: 7" Vinyl

This is another brand new single from Shock Treatment 21 with Allan Clarke of Ruefrex fame providing lead vocals. Another great single to add to your Spit collection!


This 7" vinyl is STRICTLY LIMITED to 300 copies.



Gob 13

Brand new re-issue with bonus tracks!


Cat. No. GOB 14
Released 06 October 2017
Format: 7" Vinyl

Spit Records are proud to announce the re-release of Ireland’s Seminal Punk Band The Sussed's Single - Don’t Swim On The East Coast / I Wanna Conform on 6th October 2017. This is the 36th Anniversary of it’s original release in 1981 (the original pressing had “This is not a collectors item” on the front cover, which, ironically turned it into one with copies today, as scarce as hens teeth!

The re-release is a 7” EP with 2 bonus, previously unreleased tracks (I Got Rabies & Drowning In Bed) - all 4 tracks having been completely remastered. This release is limited to just 300 hand numbered copies on radioactive Pink Vinyl !

The Sussed were formed in 1978 when lead singer Rory Stokes was just 13 years old. They played all over Ireland including a regular slot as support act to U2.

To coincide with the release of their debut single in 1981, The Sussed were scheduled to promote it on The Late Late Show on RTE, until, at the last minute, the powers that be realised just how political the song actually was and cancelled their performance. The title track was highlighting many people's concerns at the time in Ireland about Windscale's dumping of radioactive waste. Windscale continued to court controversy and was subsequently ' re-branded' Sellafield.



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